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The Seventh Tradition states that "Every OA Group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. Now that our meetings have gone virtual, we want to keep in mind our Seventh Tradition Giving. OA WNY Intergroup needs to continue to pay our regular operating expenses plus the added cost of Zoom and will also make contributions to the facilities where we normally meet.

Contributions can be made by sending a check or money order to:


PO Box 936

Williamsville, NY 14221

You may also make a contribution online via PayPal to Stacey M (who will write a check). Using the email address of “she_thumb@yahoo.com”


By Alexandra 

Hunger, physical, emotional, fake, real, unknown


Always thinking of food, morning, mid day, night


Standing in the kitchen, why, it’s not time to eat


What am I eating next, when, how much


What’s my weight, my worth


Is that me in the mirror? Unhappy discouraged


Counting calories, minutes, grams, miles


Control, diet, another plan, diet pills powerless

Meetings, fellowship, outreach


Working the steps, getting honest Power

Asking for help, sponsor, friendships


Finding a power greater than myself, Earth, Universe


Walking with people, not alone, helping others, service

Power Living in today, weakness becomes strength

Power Healing, Feeling, Living

Power powerlessness Power

If you'd like to submit something for this space - please e-mail Stacey at she_thumb@yahoo.com

Overeaters Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating.

We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively.

Upcoming Events in WNY


What Do YOU think About It?

Come share your ideas about getting, staying, BEING Abstinent

Saturday, November 12th

10:00am- 12:00pm

St. Stephen of Bethlehem UCC Church

750 Wehrle Drive

Buffalo,  NY  14225

ZOOM ID:  229318592

PW:  7166944848

Click here to download the flyer

These are the current meetings in Western NY - you can download the complete list using the link to the left.

Meeting Day and Time

Zoom Meeting ID# or Physical Address

Monday 10:00 AM – In-Person Only

Cleveland Heights Christian Church, 4774 Union Rd., Buffalo, NY 14225

Monday 6:00 PM – Zoom Only

378 554 844

Tuesday 7:00 PM – In-Person Only

The Hope Center, 781 Maple Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221

Wednesday 10:00 AM – In-Person Only

Harris Hill United Methodist Church, 8495 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221

Thursday 6:30 PM – 

840 9882 8375

Friday 6:00 PM – Zoom Only

454 040 281

Saturday 10:00 AM – Hybrid, In-Person and Zoom

229 318 592

The password for all meetings is: 7166944848

All Zoom meetings are also accessible by people without a computer by dialing in using their telephone.  

To dial in, pick one of the numbers below:

        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

OR     +1 647 558 0588 (Canada)

Enter the Meeting ID then press #

You will then be prompted for a Participant ID, OR JUST PRESS #.  You won’t have a participant ID unless you’re using the app.

Even YOU Can Lead a Meeting!

Download Zoom Meeting Documents Below:

Zoom Meeting Format

An Introduction to OA

Twelve Steps

Twelve Traditions

Tools of Recovery

We need your service to keep our program alive! 

Remember - Service is Slimming!

How do I Zoom Anyway?

Western NY OA Meetings are now Available Through Zoom, a phone and video conferencing program, available for your computer, Android,  iOS device, or Kindle Fire HD.  Regular dial-in numbers are also available for those who wish.

How it works:  Everyone sits in a (hopefully well-lit) room with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and when you launch the app at the designated time, you’re all connected just as if you’re sitting in one room together.  Participants can see and hear each other, and those dialing in will be able to be heard and hear everyone else.  It is advised that if you’re using your phone that you’re in your favorite WiFi area, if you’re not connected to WiFi, you will be using your data, and don’t want any big surprises when your bill comes!  You do not need to register for a Zoom account, and there is no fee, other than for the Host, and that is what the Seventh Tradition is for.

Meeting times are the same as the regular Face-to-Face meetings, the room opens ½ hour before the meeting starts, and remains open for a total of three hours.

To download the list of Zoom Meeting ID's click the Meeting Schedule at the top left above.

To Join a Meeting:

On your Computer: (laptop recommended as they have the webcam / microphone built in). 

  1.  Go to www.zoom.com and click Join a Meeting.
  2. Type in the Meeting ID and follow the prompts.  The first time visiting, you’ll be prompted to install the Zoom Meetings.  Follow the instructions to do so, it will give you the opportunity to test your microphone, speakers, and camera if available.
  3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your meeting!

On your Android, iOS, or Kindle Fire HD device:

  1.  Install the Zoom app from your app store.
  2.  Once you launch the app, click on Join a Meeting, and enter the Meeting ID.
  3.  Sit back, Relax, and enjoy your meeting!

Dialing in via your phone:

  1. Call one of the numbers below, these will likely be long distance calls, so be mindful of your calling plan!  There are lots of choices in case one number is busy, and the Canadian numbers are there for our Canadian friends;  *US folks, don’t dial a Canadian number if you don’t have international calling and vice-versa!

        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 647 374 4685 Canada

  1.  Enter the Meeting ID then press #
  2. You will then be prompted for a Participant ID, OR JUST PRESS #.  You won’t have a participant ID unless you’re using the app.
  3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your meeting!

There are no dues or fees for members; we are self-supporting through our own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting outside donations.

OA is not affiliated with any public or private organization, political movement, ideology or religious doctrine; we take no position on outside issues.

Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive overeating and to carry this message of recovery to those who still suffer.

     OA WNY Intergroup - P.O. Box 936 Williamsville, NY 14221  - OA Hotline: 716-694-4848
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